Friday, February 3, 2012

9 Dec 2011: Gathering at Lim Yang Teow's Restaurant

Some of us met on 9 Dec 2011 at old classmate Andy Lim Yang Teow's Restaurant.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Class List

The is the class list. Please let me know if there are updates.
  1. 洪时明 Ang See Beng:
  2. 陈志显 Chan Chee Hin:
  3. 陈绍栋 Chan Siew Tung:
  4. 陈初荣 Francis Chan:
  5. 章明荣 Chang Beng Yong
  6. 朱瑞麒 Chee Swee Kay
  7. 郑伟雄 Cheng Wai Hoong:
  8. 邹亮     Chew Leong
  9. 钟士达 Chong S T Allan:
  10. 张法胜 Chong Fatt shing
  11. 张兴根 Chong Shin Kian:
  12. 张瑞兴 Chong Swee Heng
  13. 朱桂德 Choo Kwe Tiang:
  14. 蔡振杰 Chua Chin Kiat:
  15. 蔡庆泉 Chua Keng Chua
  16. 庄允平 Chuan Ying Ping
  17. 方永强 Fong Weng Khiang:
  18. 颜明福 Gan Beng Hock:
  19. 颜明强 Gan Beng Keong
  20. 颜崇辉 Gan Cheong Hwee (Dr.)
  21. 吴良光 Goh Liang Kwang:
  22. 何启丰 Ho Kai Fong (Dr.):
  23. 胡克济 Hu,Simon :
  24. 康锦铸 Kheng Gim Choo
  25. 许志才 Koh Chi Chye
  26. 许福民 Koh Hock Bin:;
  27. 许良才 Koh Lian Chye, Chris:;
  28. 许马华 Koh Mah Wah
  29. 许兆立 Koh Teow Lit
  30. 兰贵开 Lan Kui Koi
  31. 李志成 Lee Chee Seng:
  32. 李俊晖 Lee Chuen Fei:
  33. 李仁惠 Lee Jin Hooi:
  34. 李牛     Lee Ngoi
  35. 李炳光 Lee Ping Kwong
  36. 李哲昆 Lee T.K., Henry
  37. 李伟恭 Lee Wee Keong
  38. 连荣侨 Liang Yong Kheow:
  39. 林志德 Lim Chee Teck
  40. 林日成 Lim Jit Seng:
  41. 林佳和 Lim Kah Hoe:
  42. 林嘉士 Lim Kah Soo:
  43. 林金福 Lim Kim Hock
  44. 林伦杰 Lim Loon Kiat
  45. 林仰潮 Lim Ngiang Twoe
  46. 刘小如 Liu
  47. 罗锦威 Loh Kam Wai
  48. 龙子安 Loong Chee On, Kenny:
  49. 马仕南 Eric Mah:
  50. 倪一明 Nei I Ming
  51. 黄培群 Ng Puay Koon
  52. 黄士弼 Ng Soo Peet, Jeremy:
  53. 王汉章 Ong Han Cheong:
  54. 王平权 Ong Peng Kwang
  55. 王成国 Ong Seng Kok:
  56. 潘沩铭 Phua Ooi Miang
  57. 潘锦兴 Poon Kum Heng (Dr.):
  58. 郭斯奕 Quek Ser Aik:
  59. 佘桂荣 Seah Kwee Yong :
  60. 萧茸强 Shiao Chung Chiang
  61. 沈树敏 Sim Soo Miang:
  62. 苏仲贤 Soh CH, Daniel:
  63. 苏贵堂 Soh Kuai Tong
  64. 陈材崐 Tan Chye Koon:
  65. 陈学群 Tan Hak Khoon:
  66. 陈建发 Tan Kan Fatt
  67. 陈群锋 Tan Khoon Hong:
  68. 陈金树 Tan Kim Chew, Jimmy:
  69. 陈锦添 Tan Kim Tian:
  70. 陈光耀 Tan Kwong Yeow, Daniel:
  71. 陈少源 Tan Seow Nguan:
  72. 陈扬挥 Tan Yang Hwee:
  73. 郑则希 Tay Chek Hee:
  74. 池佳丰 Tee Kia Hong
  75. 陈宗兴 Teng Chong Heng:
  76. 张振南 Teo Chin Nam:
  77. 张炳顺 Teo Peng Soon
  78. 张通敏 Teo Tong Miang, Joseph
  79. 谭泽洪 Tham Chaik Hoong, Lawrence
  80. 卓开勇 Albert Toh Kai Yong:
  81. 谢盛祺 Tze Seng Kee
  82. 汪训錡 Wong Hong Kee:
  83. 王运开 Wong Joon Tai:
  84. 黄骋坏 Wong Ping Wai
  85. 黄伟恆 Wong Wai Hung:
  86. 邬锦铨 Woo Kim Choan:
  87. 胡岳南 Woo Yuet Nam
  88. 杨詠峰 Yang, Terry:
  89. 姚睿     Yao Jui, Louis:
  90. 杨志华 Yeo Chi Hua
  91. 杨佐光 Yong, Thomas
Those who have passed away:
  1. 周选善 Chew Suan Tin (Deceased May 2011)
  2. 蔡锡辉 Chua Siak Hwee (Passed away on 5 Dec 2010)
  3. 何世英 Ho (Sze Yin) Deceased
  4. 沈一辉 Sim Chek Hui, Harry: Deceased Jul 2006
  5. 唐庆哲 Tong (Kang Tit) Deceased
  6. 王培华 Wong (Pei Hua) Deceased
  7. 任富林 Yam (Foo Lam) Deceased 2004

Friday, October 15, 2010

CHA Annual Dinner 2009

The following people attended the CHA Annual Dinner 2009 at the Orchid Country Club on 13 Oct 2009:

01. Tan Seow Nguan
02. Chong Shin Kian
03. Teng Chong Heng
04. Mrs. Teng Chong Heng
05. Wong Joon Tai
06. Ong Han Cheong
07. Chua Chin Kiat
08. Mrs Chua Chin Kiat
09. Eric Mah
10. Tan Chye Khoon
11. Wong Hong Kee
12. Chew Suan Tin
13. Terry Young YF
14. Seah Kwee Yong
15. Goh Liang Kwang
16. Mrs. Goh Liang Kwang
17. Chan Chee Hin
18. Choo Kwee Teck
19. Wang Wei Hung
20. Lee Chee Seng

CHA Annual Dinner 2008

The following attended the CHA Annual Dinner 2008:

01. Goh Liang Kwang
02. Wong Wai Hung
03. Tan Seow Nguan
04. Wong Joon Tai
05. Teng Chong Heng
06. Wong Hong Kee (Mike)
07. Chew Suan Tin
08. Eric Mah
09. Tan Chye Khoon
10. Pauline Ang
11. Pauline’s Son
12. Chan Chee Hian
13. Mrs. Chin Chee Hian
14. Chua Chin Kiat
15. Mrs. Chua Chin Kiat
16. Ong Han Cheong
17. Chong Shin Kian
18. Yang Yong Foong Terry
19. Lee Chee Seng
20. Choo Kwee Teck

Can anyone contribute photo?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gathering on 12 Jan 07

To coincide with the "temporary" home coming of Poon Kum Heng and Woo Kim Choan, a gathering was organised at Liang Kee Restaurant (Roberson Quay) on 12th Jan 07.

We were honored that Pauline Ang, the wife of our late Harry Sim also joined us and gave everyone with a pair of home made Muffins which was Harry's favourite.
A/Prof Maureen Khoo, our English lady teacher pop in to say Hello to all of us and spend sometime catching up on old times with everyone.
Goh Liang Kwang and Mah See Nam (Eric) who was not able to join us due to other engagements joined us later for a chat after they have discharged their "Duties".

Gathering on 27 Jan 2006

To usher in the year of the dog, 30 of us gathered and the Senior Police Officers' Mess (SPOM) at Mount Pleasant Rd on 27th Jan 2006. Everyone is a Guest-of-honor! Can you recognize them?
The followings attended:

01 蔡锡辉 Chua Siak Hwee
02 李俊晖 Lee Chuen Fei
03 吴良光 Goh Liang Kwang
04 汪训錡 Wong Hong Kee
05 沈一辉 Harry Sim Chek Hui
06 王运开 Wong Joon Tai
07 蔡振杰 Chua Chin Kiat
08 胡克济 Simon Hu
09 许良才 Chris Koh L C
10 苏仲贤 Daniel Soh
11 郑则希 Tay Chek Hee
12 陈光耀 Tan Kwong Yeow
13 陈志显 Chan Chee Hin
14 陈宗兴 Teng Chong Heng
15 黄伟恒 Wong Wai Hung
16 陈杨辉 Tan Yang Hwee
17 佘桂荣 Seah Kwee Yong
18 陈锦添 Tan Kim Tian
19 周选善 Chew Suan Tin
20 龙子安 Kenny Loong Chee On
21 张兴根 Chong Shin Kian

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